Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I draw solace from the blinking neon sign in the store-front window, across the street saying, 'I'm glad you survived the night' with its comforting human precence through the paranoid early hours of morning.

- does anyone know what this is from?

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Anonymous said...

I believe it originates with Hans Monderman:

'The addition of shops and offices adds a degree of excitement to otherwise inert, dormitory areas. Contact, even of the most casual kind, with commercial enterprises gives us a transfusion of an energy we are not always capable of producing ourselves. Waking up isolated and confused at three in the morning, we can look out of the window and draw solace from the blinking neon signs in a storefront across the road, advertising bottled beer or twenty-four-hour pizza and, in their peculiar way, evoking a comforting human presence through the paranoid early hours.'